Since secularism is now a bad word, it is important to point out what was once obvious: that minorities, in particular Muslims, have as much claim to India as Hindus. If India—one of the world’s most diverse countries—is to stay united, peacefully, then it must celebrate its minorities and what they do.

Written by Harshit Mansukhani and Yash Mishra


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5 thoughts on “ Inscribing the Self: Tearing the fabric of the nation, Painting it saffron ”

  1. Observation and views expressed nicely thru a short story. Point made using coloured fonts to be politically correct.

  2. A well framed article ,quoted with real time examples.It is clear that, to remove secularism from the Constitution, would be to abrogate it completely. This would have an adverse impact on the interests of many stakeholders who blindly support the present dispensation.
    All the very best for your future projects.

  3. In a pluralistic society, the best approach to nurture secularism is to expand religious freedom rather than strictly practicing state neutrality.

    Very well written article in a narrative manner.
    All the best.

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