Saeed’s Cover blown

6 years since India claimed that Jamad ut Dawat is the gate way to LeT’s terrorist,U.S has woken up and confirms that schools of JuD are the play ground of Ak-47s ,grenade,after U.S sanctions on two top leaders of LeT,will arrest follow the Herat attack on Indian consulate was also carried out by LeT, Saeed […]

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Rajhdhani derails

A proposal to introduce 300 km/h trains what do when one of the most reliable train derails ,a due hike and incidents of derailing are attracting people to airport,Is train travelling safe in India,Still a conspiracy what led to this mishap,was it the bomb explosion or so was it a political turnover,Local authorities rule out […]

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Last Syrian chemical weapons handed over to OPCW

International weapons inspectors announced Monday that Syria has handed over the last of its declared chemical weapons stockpile for removal and destruction, even as U.S. officials voiced concern about the Damascus government’s alleged use of other toxic substances. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which was charged last year with overseeing the […]

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The Cost of War

The past three decades of war and disorder have had a devastating impact on the Afghan people. Millions have been killed, millions more have been forced to flee their homes and the country’s infrastructure and forests have all but been destroyed. The social fabric of the country is fractured and state institutions are fragile and […]

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It is disappointing to see that Egypt has not gone underway any change since new government has been formed in Egypt.Australia has condemned the way this decision was taken.We still see Egypt in transition is it what is that you have to be fearless journalists,Egypt calls itself ‘Democracy’, so is it that kind of a […]

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