Fault Lines

Music has been around for centuries: As long as people have been getting fed up with the status quo, they’ve been singing about it. And because music styles, human emotions, and social issues are so wide-ranging, 80s songs are too.

It was the decade when the future began. Starbucks started selling coffee. The world learned about AIDS.

Nintendo introduced us to Mario. Computers went from the size of a car to fitting on your desk.

And, Music happened…… which changed the way people looked at the world.

The songs of 80s are obviously most famous but they also carry strong messages.

These messages remain relevant today as they were back then in 80s.

Not only did music highlight the problems of society but also challenged listeners, politicians and policy makers to address them.

U2 came with songs that underlined problems of the world and Ireland.

Phil Collins sung about state…

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