International Centre for Journalism (ICFJ) has been at the forefront of the next disruptive technology for digital newsrooms. A survey done by the Centre on the state of technologies in newsrooms has left the industry with more questions than answers.

The survey conducted in 12 languages, and received more than 2,700 responses from journalists and newsroom managers in 130 countries says that the global media landscape is rife with uncertainty and excitement.


The Findings in a nutshell;

The Centre reported, “Technologists remain sparse in newsrooms. Just 5% of newsroom staff have technology-related degrees, and 2% of newsrooms employ technologists. Only 1% employ analytics editors,”

The Centre also found out, “Managers are more skilled in digital media than their employees. Sixty-four per cent of newsroom leaders were hired with a background in digital media, compared with 45% of journalists,”

Most newsrooms are not redefining roles for the digital era. 82 per cent of newsroom jobs remain in established roles (reporters, editors, editorial writers). About 18% are new digital roles (social media editor, digital content producer, analytics editor).

screen_shot_2020-05-20_at_1.07.45_pm (1)


If there is a problem, there is a solution to it as well. Newsg8r, a borderless tech-media company having a footprint in the US and India is working on such technologies which bring back content synergies in the newsroom.

Under the leadership of Mohandeep Arora, an alumnus of IIM-Kolkata and Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, the company is creating smart products for leaner more efficient newsrooms.

One of these is the field to newsroom technology. Field to Newsroom tech is a cutting edge innovation where the reporter on the ground uploads a batch of photos and the content is delivered as an entire-news ready package ready to go online within seconds.

The newsroom spends minimal time and money in tracking the content, while the journalist is satisfied to know that their content is on the website, in the newspaper, and on the TV.

The industry has taken notice of this and has taken note of Arora and his team’s initiatives while the team works with full rigour to change the face of news media business.

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