Mumbai, Maharashtra:  The vibrant start-up landscape in India is making strides in every business. The latest disruption in the news media landscape is around the corner and Newsg8r is leading that charge. It comes with a promise of digital newsroom automation backed by smart technologies.

Mohandeep Arora, CEO  & Founder of Newsg8r talked candidly about his initiative, “At Newsg8r, we conceptualize, design and develop solutions for Media & Entertainment sector, and the work we do is just as unique as the culture we’ve created. We develop cutting-edge solutions to complex problems for media, news, and academic organizations. There is a meaningful connection between our work and the real people who benefit from it; and, as such, we create an environment in which new ideas and innovative strategies are encouraged. We are a borderless organization with team footprint in India and the United States with a mind-set of a start-up,”

Arora is an alumnus of IIM-Kolkata and Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania who believes that news is a serious business and his initiative can make it faster and better. It is a win-win situation for a media organization and on-ground reporters who tend to benefit from the company’s innovative solutions.


The media landscape was changing in 2016, and this was the right time for newsg8r to enter the market and pitch its products that will make newsrooms leaner, and more efficient.

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With teams in the United States and India, and backed by a solid, performing product Newsg8r is out in the market with its field to newsroom technology and other advanced products.


If a news organization needs a network that processes the content on the way between reporter’s upload and writer’s download then it gets one with newsg8r. Newsg8r is in news business so it also not shies away from being in news. There are several instances when the industry has taken notice of the company and wondered what is up their sleeves.

Learning, work values, and decorum are the pillars of this organization. And those inside the system always yearn to explore new avenues of business. In no time Newsg8r will be known for the most innovative use of a pandemic period to conquer business and bring back jobs in the market.



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