Hi, Everyone.
When we as university students blog- We look for diversity and here is a blog by my best friend who tells you about everything you could expect from university life

The Black Dove

After 12
years of rigorous studies, tight schedules, heavy school bags, board
examinations and waking up early to get ready for eight hours of boredom, lunch
breaks and little study, we step into the world of constant chase, emptying
hour glass and reality checks. COLLEGE!

The place where assignment deadlines are met three days later or never, attendance is a crisis and eyes are open with tape. The first step into the ‘big bad world’.

always been told by our parents, look before you leap and as soon as school
gets over the rat race begins to select and get selected in the top-notch
universities and colleges of the country. Thousands of college applications
lined up, entrance exams sit on our heads and interview preparations take away
the summer before college begins.

Just when
you’re anticipating your board results and applying to colleges, it dawns on
you that…

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