Children of women raped by ISIL men will not be accepted into Yazidi community, declares the sect’s faith leaders.


Kurdish leaders claim that the war with IS (Islamic State) is over, but is it?

Although, IS has left the Kurdish area but has left behind a conflict for Yazidi women.

The Supreme Yazidi Spiritual Council in Iraq said this weekend it will not take in the children of women raped by Islamic State (IS) militants, Days after declaring it would accept “all survivors.”

They say even the Iraqi law stops them from accepting such children, However, Kurdistan is an autonomous region.

It make and amend its own laws, to facilitate safe return of IS sirviviors.

Yazidi women were subject to mass rapes and genocide during the height of the caliphate.

IS fighters killed scores of Yazidi men and enslaved several thousand women and girls in atrocities that amounted to genocide, according to the U.N.

Yazidi women were taken as slaves, many of whom now have children by the IS men who raped them.
Mis/DisInformation from Yazidi Sect

According to a 1970 agreement between Kurds and Iraqis, Kurdistan is observed as an autonomous region.

Which means that it has its own government, constitution and law.

The very same law was modified in 2015 to allow women survivors of IS to come back and resettle.

However, the law never mentioned about what happens to children born of rape.

The Supreme Yazidi Spiritual Council in Iraq said this weekend it will not take in the children of women raped by Islamic State (IS) militants.

This move has left many in Yazidi community confused over the future of children born of rape.

Many in the community rally around the Yazidi Spiritual Council and accept its decision to not take such children.

While many in international community especially rights organisation have called it ‘childish’.

Many believe a move like this, will not help solve the problem, the magnitude of such a problem has always been high since IS’ growth in 2014.



The Happiness of Being with a Mother, Yazidi women have been tortured to rape, violence and even killings.


“The Future must not belong to those who slander Prohpet of Islam”, Barrack Obama

To Observe or Not Observe

The Yazidi faith does not recognize marriage between Yazidis and non-Yazidis. It does not allow conversion either.

In addition to religious and social restrictions, another reason behind the official Yazidi refusal to take in these children is a national law in Iraq that requires children born to at least one Muslim parent to be identified as Muslims.

According to National Identification Card, 2015 Iraqi government accepts Muslim child born to at least one Muslim parent.

The law however, hasn’t mentioned anything about rape and remains unchanged even after mass rapes.

Twist in the tale; Kurdistan is an autonomous region and doesn’t need Iraq law to govern it.

Staggering Numbers

Many hundreds of women will be affected by such move, who were enslaved by ISIS, and routinely raped by the organisation’s members, who declared them to be “godless” and “devil worshippers”.

August 2014 massacre of Sinjar, grabbed world’s attention where 5000 men of Yazidi community were captured and murdered and several thousand women raped.

Western Countries can leverage their powers and cam get Iraq to change its law.


Until then these children remain faceless and identity-less just like the group members that raped their mothers.




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