In heat of elections, you can expect candidates calling out each other but you would not have seen Prime Minister deteriorating the image of his own office


Rajiv Gandhi, the youngest Prime Minister of the country at age 40 led the biggest political victory.

28 Years after his assassination, Rajiv Gandhi has been remembered by Prime Minister Modi again.

However, the late prime minister wasn’t remembered for his achievements as  the head of state but to remind his son Rahul that his father was a ‘Bhrastachari No.1”.

Prime Minister used these words to attack Gandhi and Congress.

Prime Minister while addressing a public rally said, “your father was termed ‘Mr Clean’ by his courtiers, but his life ended as ‘Bhrashtachari No 1’ (corrupt number 1)”.


Who is being targeted?


Prime Minister in this scotching heat has forgotten whom is he targeting.

Through his remarks he wants to address a group of voters in Delhi and Punjab while he wants to use the same to counter Rahul’s ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’

However, whom are these remarks for?

Many believe that these remarks from Modi are to woo Sikh voters and remind them of the 1984 massacre.

According to former Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram these remarks only show desperation of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister this election has pitched himself as chowkidaar of nationalism and national might.

His remarks also met dissension from 200 Delhi University’s teachers who said that this new low for the Prime Minister.

Any remark like this is not only derogatory but a violation of EC’s Model code of conduct, which bars contestants from making personal remarks.

Prime Minister, in this election phase has already been cleared twice by EC for his controversial remarks.

Rahul tweeted “Lots of love, and a big hug” in his reply to the above remark


Down the memory lane


Prime Minister might have forgotten the late prime minister’s efforts but people of the country have not forgotten.

  1. Information Technology & Telecommunications in India-Rajiv Gandhi is often credited with bringing in Telecommunications to India.
  2. C-DOT- It was initially mandated with designing and developing digital exchanges. Eventually, C-DOT expanded to develop intelligent computer software applications.
  3. MTNL and VSNL– Setting sights in domestic and international telecom markets
  4. Expansion of National Policy for Education
  5. Improving ties with the USA
  6. Intervention in Sri Lankan Civil War


Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India, and though his rule introduced India to the digital age; it was mired with controversies.


Incidents such as the Bhopal disaster and the Shah Bano Case, caused many to question the intent and motives of the Congress government.


The Bofors scam, perhaps, is the biggest event that tainted the clean and corrupt free image of Rajiv Gandhi.




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