India-Pakistan would have paid more than a cricket match victory if agendas were fulfilled and mind games were played well.

India and Pakistan have been fierce rivals both on and off the cricket ground.

However, the match played between the two on 26th and 27 February shows why both these countries love war as well.

India and Pakistan both approached the field with sole motive of winning.

First Innings

India chases most of is cricket match wins but this time they set a target for their Pakistani counter parts.

India set a mammoth total to avenge February 14, Pulwama Attack on CRPF personnel.

It used its firepower to bolster a record of sending 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets on the other side of the border.

Their aim was to cause maximum damage to the Jaish-E-Muhammad (JeM) madrasas,training camps and terrorist launch pads.

The strike was also to show that India would retaliate any attack carried out on its soil.

It was the perfect setting for the government to thump its chest and pat its back for doing something heroic in the election year.

Government would have had a smooth sailing, it would have fought its elections on Uri attacks and Pulwama attacks.

However, government did not understand that when a team sets a target, the opposition tries to chase it with all its might.

The Indian avenging forces, which included the government and people who wanted an action on Pakistan, were motivated by media’s war mongering.

Almost every channel in India came out with a war plan to destabilise the nation eventually, the region.

Same messages resonated in social media and made rounds on What’s App groups.

Agenda was set, Field was watered and it was time for showdown.

2nd Innings

Well, now that India set a target Pakistan had to chase it down.

In addition, they did it with sending in their F-16 fighter Jets to show their strength.

India fiercely defended its target and sent in its MiG 21 Bison to keep a check on the Pak raid.

While Indian media continued to say, that India pushed away Pak forces.

Both these nuclear powers were engaged in a dogfight over Kashmiri skies.

While Pakistan lost its one F-16, India lost two MiGs, one, which fell in Indian Kashmir, while other one in PoK.

India now had one if its pilot captured by Pakistani rangers, something that caught the government napping.

Between all this, while media the war machine was pushing India, Pakistan was extending a warm hand.

Imran Khan who himself is a cricketing legend, guiding his team to 1993 world cup victory announced release of captured pilot as peace gesture.

However, Indian media continued its war mongering efforts, denounced the release, and called it mandatory due to legal obligations of the Geneva Convention.

Both Prime Ministers had agendas on their mind, which rode on the back of heightened tensions.

Modi, also took a heavy decision to do something like this just before general elections.

While, Khan is trying to prove himself as a credible replacement to Nawaz Sharif and Pak military in the electoral system.

Verdict: No particular country won the match but both air forces showed their might and for them “Insallah! Boys played well.”

If we were to award Man of the Match, It would be Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman for his exemplary bravery and calm while under Pakistani captivity.







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  1. Mathematically speaking in War or for any conflict the best possible outcome is 1+1=1

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