The much anticipated diplomatic summit took place in Singapore on June 12  between the U.S and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Heavy words exchanged, threats issued, nuclear weapons tested and missiles test-fired, these all have built up to the Trump-Kim summit.

In a major diplomacy victory for Trump, summit presents a great opportunity to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and end a 65 years long war.

I dig deep to find out who gains what out of the summit and who’s loosing.

The U.S.A

The U.S goes into the summit with full control of it and looks confident to broker a deal with its long standing adversary .

American goal is to create a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and end the 57 year long  Korean war which it started.

The U.S has lots to gain out of this summit,

Demilitarization Of Korean Peninsula:

This is the main aim of the U.S, demilitarizing  and denuclearizing  would require major brokering of power.

High tensions in past have cast their shadows on many summits to revive the diplomatic talks between two Korea.

Trump has made his intention very clear of only work and no chat, he did even call off the summit earlier last month due to open hostility from the North.

Trump would also love to leave both Koreas on their own to help each others’ economic progress and recall all American soldier on Korean soil.

North has also shown friendly signs by suspending all its missile and nuclear tests and blowing up its Pyunggye-Ri Nuclear Test Site.

South China Sea Conflict:

The U.S has multiple times now locked horns with China over the stranded islands in South China Sea.

The summit brings in a prospect of correcting its Korean war mistake by turning North Korea into ally.

This means that the control China had over North Korea would be neutralized and several thousand American soldiers just miles away from mainland China.

Secondly, this would reaffirm the American commitment to the region by reducing the tensions in the region.

If this happens then President Trump will successfully shoot two targets from one arrow.

Power Shift in Asia:

This would be very interesting to see how power is shared in Asia once summit has yielded its results.

It would be amazing to see whom North Korea wants on its boat for economic progress.

One thing to note is the rapidly decreasing North Korea-China ties, whether  they are maintained or not is a question waiting to be answered.

But if they do,North Korea would enjoy support of two major superpowers in form of China and the U.S.

That’s how U.S sees this summit but there is more to gain than that for both Koreas.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

North Korea gains maximum out of this summit.

May it be nuclear weapons tested or heavy words exchange, North has itself changed its position on how it sees this conflict.

Lets see what it gets from this summit,

A breath of fresh Air: Relief from heavy U.S sanctions is what North Korea desperately wants.

North has never been in this kind of power-tangle since the end of Korean war,this brings huge hopes for North Koreans.

It would be equivalent to having democracy in North Korea, Koreans will finally unite after 57 years and end the long standing misconceptions about each other.

North Korea as a stakeholder also gets legitimacy in world forum and can work closely with its  South Korean sibling on economic endeavors.

Nuclear-weapons less N.Korea: 

This can be viewed as both gain and loss for N.Korea given the way they have progressed.

A nuclear weapon less North Korea means less tensions in the peninsula and increased hopes of unification.

But, North Korea has never seen weapons as means to defend itself but to boast about it and threaten the U.S.

The progress about which N.Korea is most proud of would be stripped almost immediately if the summit reaches its conclusion.

“Complete,Verifiable,Irreversible denuclearisation  of the Korean Peninsula is the only outcome U.S will accept”- Mike Pompeo, U.S Secretary of State,on the eve of the summit

Republic Of Korea:

The little brother of North would be very happy with summit yielding results.

South has been in center of this diplomacy and  can then stake a claim for unification.

Eased border:

South would finally have an eased border with North.

But, it might also lose the standing American army.

The ball is in South Korea’s half, the current government of South Korea came to power partly because of the promise of unification.

It would also impact lives as finally Koreans divided by border would unite.


And, the loser is…..


They are the one who have been sidelined completely during the summit.

China which has long stood with N.Korea was never even consulted before the summit.

There are jitters in China with regards to the meeting and what pans out once it is done.

China officially is showing positivism towards   the summit but there is more than that meets they eye.


We need to wait, be positive and see how the summit in Singapore works for all stakeholders

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