The state of Jammu and Kashmir!

In the memory of those who are victims because of us!

It would have been an easy walk for Omar while returning from market but how can you predict this in a place which is most unpredictable in the nation,That is the story of OUR Jammu and Kashmir, The legend has it that the state was always an integral part of our nation,You go and watch Yas Raj films they have a backdrop of the vallies of romance, You see India from a satellite view you see Jammu and Kashmir as the head of this nation,So why is that we have forgotten this baby of ours and are negotiating with the Anti-India protests and are happy in our own little bubble unaware of the hardships that Kashmiris face,You create a bridge and tell people you are safe is not the way here,For them to believe you ,you need to take down all those who stand as imposters and now when we talk about Jammu and Kashmir it is hard not to mention Pakistan so what do you do to nation like threat, You don’t give them Kargil war they will give you Indo-China war of 62′ show who is who right now in this moment …. And for J&K well! What we could do is not burn the candles and mourn but stand up and ask questions to the babus in the parliament.

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